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Camp Mom: Smoothies & Popsicles

What says summer more than popsicles!?  I have a ton of recipes pinned and I’d like to try out a lot this summer.  I finally got all my equipment in order & I’m ready to go!

First things first, I needed to get a popsicle mold set.  My last one was trashed due to BPA concerns.  I was looking at a stainless steel set, but it was a little phallic for my liking.  I got this instead.

Next, I was in need of a new blending instrument.  Ok Ok, “NEED”, isn’t really the correct word.  I WANTED a new blending instrument.  I have a Magic Bullet that I’ve had for years, and it’s great.  But I really wanted something with bigger capacity, and I didn’t have room for the bullet AND a regular blender.  I found this new Bullet with the blender option, but then I found THIS!

It has all the functionality of the Bullet, with the added Blender attachment, plus a couple things that push it over the top for me.  First, the mugs are designed as travel mugs, which is great for those mornings that we are in a hurry and want to take a smoothie on the road. And let’s face it, anything that can minimize the amount of goop spilled is great on a day to day basis, regardless if we are leaving the house or not. And can’t you just taste a homemade frappe in this!?  Yum.  The other added plus for me is the look!!  I know, I know.  Stupid.  But I really like the look of this unit SO much more!  So much that it might be staying on the counter for awhile.

But enough about all of that.  Let’s get to the yum!

We make a lot of smoothies around here.  I don’t do it to get veggies in or anything.  B is pretty good about veggies on their own, so for us it’s just a yummy filling treat.  Either a big snack or a light breakfast.  I do keep it to just fruit, a little juice, yogurt (plain greek), and either soy, almond, or regular milk.  No added sugar.  Here’s a shot of what we had on hand & used today.

Greek Yogurt (we did not use the fruit jam), frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries & peaches), frozen bananas (on plate), Almond Milk, juice in a box (100% from TJs)

In honor of our new blender, we decided to do smoothie pops as our first pops of the summer.  And of course we each had a smoothie while we waited for the pops. I always have frozen fruit in the freezer, ideally organic.  And I freeze all our uneaten bananas when they start to get to ripe.  (peeled, and either sliced, or halved)

Normally I just let B add whatever fruit he wants, and then we add some yogurt, a little juice & milk-type-liquid.  Today it was blueberries, peaches, strawberries, bananas (all frozen), a little Tropical Juice (in a box from TJs), and some almond milk.  To get a nice thick, yet drinkable consistency I add enough liquid to come to the top of the fruit.

Blend until it flows into a nice little funnel like this.

For the pops, I filled the molds to about 1/2 inch from the top & then popped them in the freezer. Which is easier said than done in my overstuffed freezer.

While waiting we enjoyed our smoothies & I enjoyed my messy faced, still in his PJs boy.  I LOVE SUMMER & I LOVE THIS KID!!

And the pops?  SUCCESS!  It’s funny how the smoothies we drank just a few hours before seemed to taste so much treat-ier in pop mold!  In all honesty, they are a bit bigger than I would like, but I love the cool retro look.

Stay tuned because we plan on trying all sorts of pops recipes this summer.  Some healthy….some NOTSOMUCH.


This Kid: Hunting & Hippies

Today while driving around town with Brayden and his friend, I heard them talking about hunting.

B: I don’t like when people shoot bunnies & ducks during hunting season.

Me: what about the Buck Hunter video game you like? (that I hate)

B: yeah, I don’t like it anymore. It’s mean (my mushy liberal heart goes pitter patter)

Friend: what if you have a gun & there’s a bear & you shoot it?

B: well that’s just for safety. But you could just run away & scream like a girl.

This was said in all seriousness of a 6 year old sharing wisdom with you. Lol.

This kid.

Hippie Day 2012


This Kid and Foodiephile: Worlds collide

The other day I posted on facebook about my kid requesting a party where I could make his friends Vanilla Steamers & scones. The part I left out is that he actually requested a “Beyblades” party serving these items. I left it out because I didn’t want to explain beyblades, and I still don’t (feel free to go to this link). I hate beyblades. The end.
But it brings up something very important about this kid. He is well rounded to say the least. He loves him all the “boy” stuff that Daddy enjoys- football, heck sports in general, a scary obsession with the SDSU Aztecs, running & throwing & wrestling…..etc, etc.
But he also appreciates the finer things in life that Mommy enjoys. Namely food related stuff like tea, scones, pretty food, farm fresh produce, dark chocolate & crostinis of goat cheese & honey.
This morning I told B that I would take him to breakfast. It’s his favorite meal of the day & some of the fun has been taken out of it with his new early morning routine. I was thinking something simple. He was not. He told me that he would like to TAKE ME, to Extraordinary Desserts. Which he referred to as the “tea pot & scone place across the street”.
I’m combining this “This Kid” post with a new category I’m calling “Foodiephile”. It’s about food. duh. So here it goes.
Extraordinary Desserts is this fancy slash amazing restaurant here in San Diego. And we live LITERALLY across the street. Nuts right? We don’t eat there all that much, it’s pretty pricey & always packed in the evenings. But we eat there enough for B to know what it is & that he really likes it. They have other menu items that are amazing, like gourmet grilled cheeses, salads & other stuff. But clearly the desserts are the stars. We usually do them to go.
But B & I also enjoy their weekday Morning Rush Hour special. For $7 you can pick a breakfast pastry (scones/muffins/coffee cakes) and a coffee (single cap/single latte/reg coffee). And they let us substitute tea for B.
They also have a European Breakfast on Sundays, which is served buffet style. Though not buffet like at all. There’s not a chafing dish in sight. They simply lay out pretty displays of food on the bar (which I didn’t snap a picture of- shoot!). I’ve always wanted to go, but I don’t think the husband would be a fan, so I was excited when B suggested it since John wasn’t around today.
It’s not the typical American breakfast. No eggs, or bacon, or sausage or pancakes. And it starts at 11AM! And it was delicious. We took our time. Enjoyed our food & chatted. It was a great time.
First we started with a pot of tea for B. Berry Monsoon. It is the prettiest bright pink color. He loves that he gets his own little pot. And he gets about 3 cups worth. And for mommy, a individual french press of coffee. They also make great espresso drinks, but I took B’s lead on having my own pot to enjoy throughout the meal.

Brayden loves the suger. It’s like rock candy & I let him spoon it into his tea himself (with in reason of course).
Brayden decided against the Euro spread & ordered his usual. The Strawberry Raspberry Scone. Here he is displaying his awesome table manners & sucking on his fingers. We’re working on it.
My first course. House made granola (has bits of dried fruit & pumpkin seeds), with vanilla bean yogurt (with actual vanilla bean specks! love it) & fresh strawberries. YUM.

Second course. Fresh Breads & smoked salmon with various yumminess to play around with. Obviously there are the typical accompaniments, like tomato, onion, cream cheese, cucumbers, & capers. But also, cranberry mayonaise, roasted yellow tomatoes, caramelized onions & pesto.
I love playing around & finding the perfect bite.
Final Course. (Of course you can go back as much as you want, but I was trying to be good.)
A wonderful spread of cheeses, jams, chutneys & desserts. And more fresh & yummy breads.
It was all wonderful & I am looking forward to going again. And my boy might be rubbing off on me. Between eating, snapping pictures & chatting, I was sneaking glances at my fantasy football scores. We’re complex over here, yo.


Yesterday I gave B a kiss when leaving him at school. He looked around & wiped it off, giving me a very embarrassed “Mommy!”

UGGGGGHHHH!!! I was not ready for this day to come so soon! My little boy that begs for kisses, laps them up with smiles & giggles when I wake him with millions each morning. I guess we’re in the in between period, where private kisses are welcome, but public ones are not.

I asked him about the incident after school and he said it was embarrassing. I decided to leave it for the moment, as he is strong willed & prone to digging in. Not sure where he get that from. Must be his dad.

Ever thoughtful & concerned about the feelings of others, he brought it up again this morning. He told me kisses at home are great, at school….notsomuch. But he threw me a bone & said that I can give him hugs at school. Ever the compromiser.

Alas, today he ran into the classroom with out so much as a glance over his shoulder….or a damn hug!!!

This kid.

This Kid: Cleaning vs. Locking

We have a busy week with family in town & babysitting some friends, so I might not post a whole lot, but thought I’d stop by real quick to share a funny happening around here.

B had a friend over on Sat night & they destroyed his room. On Sunday he & Daddy went to the Padres game with family & then invited them over after. I told B that he should probably pick up his room a bit so his cousins didn’t think he was a piggy.

A few minutes later he came out & said that he just locked his door so they wouldn’t see it. um. yeah. So here we were with kids about to come over, with all kid related fun stuff locked behind a door we don’t have a key for. A genius this one is. geesh!

The poor maintenance guy on call had to come over & open the door for us. We laughed that we are his favorite apartment. I swear these guys are here all the time. I got one to admit one day that they are here more than any other unit. He kindly said that we “really live” in our unit. Unlike our neighbors, who what? Pretend live in their units?

This kid.

This Kid: Lessons Learned

I love my friend Kurina. She is pretty. She is funny. And she drops some mad F-bombs.

Another thing I love about her is that she lives an hour away. Now, don’t get me wrong. I would L-O-V-E, LOVE if she was right here near me. Like in my building. On my floor. Then we could hang out all the time & I wouldn’t have to get out of my PJs. Oh. Wait. I’ve driven there in my PJs before. Oh well.

Anyway, my point is that when I make the trek up there I always take the time to do one of 2 productive things. I either listen to an audio book that has been sitting on my iphone way too long, or I make phone calls. If I owe you a phone call (mom), or we have something important to talk about (like plan a camping trip), I will definitely be calling you on my way to K’s.
During my latest trip this week I decided that it was a great time to plan food for our upcoming camping trip with my other lovely lady friend Amy. We were chatting about food and I asked her about what the kids would eat. I commented on Brayden, “I can never count on Brayden.” Meaning, sometimes he’ll scarf down a plate of sushi, other times he swears only mac & cheese or pineapple pizza will do.
When I got off the phone it was silent for a few minutes & then all of the sudden I hear B say, “Mommy, it really hurt my feelings when you said you couldn’t count on me.”
I explained to B the context of the conversation & all was right with the world.

I’m happy that this happened. It was a great opportunity to thank B for speaking his mind. I told him that even though he heard me wrong this time, I want him to always feel that he is able to ask me anything, and that if I do something that hurts him or makes him sad he should always tell me. He should tell everyone when they hurt him.

Also, this was a great lesson for me. His little ears pick up on everything. Even when I assume he’s not listening. He is taking it in. And what I say affects him.

It’s amazing that for everything I teach him, he teaches me even more. I love this kid of mine.

This Kid: How Big is My Love?

For me, one very important reason for this blog is to record & remember the little everyday things that bring me joy in parenting this kid of mine. Man, is he funny. But also, very sweet. You’ll see both here.

In order to make it practical, and to ensure that these things get posted, I will make these simple, quick & straightforward. Sometimes a picture. Sometimes not. Because really, the most important thing is just that it get’s done.

Brayden loves to explain his love for me by comparing it to things that CLEARLY he adores. ie, more than candy, more than cars, more than tv, etc. This is important stuff to a 5 year old.

Today he loves me “More than a STACK of T-Rex’s”. I have no idea how many are in a stack, but I’ll take it.

This kid. Wonderful.

And you think your girl has hair issues.

My kid’s hair is a constant battle. It has always been his “thing”. The first thing the nurse said when she came to check on him in the recovery room was, “I have been a maternity nurse for 20 years & have never seen a baby with hair that color”. It was almost the color of a golden lab. Not really blond, not really brown, not really red.

Pimp Daddy
As the years have passed it’s become more blond & he has OPINIONS about it. He & his daddy. They both like it long. To be fair the kid has a melon of a head & the longish hair helps camouflage the orange-on-a-toothpick situation. (name that movie)
The problem is that it is a pain to keep brushed. It gets scraggley (is so a word). And he doesn’t like to brush it. I keep threatening to shave it, ala his Uncle Donny, and that usually shuts him up. But still, it’s just not always cute.
But when he has been in the water, the pool or the ocean, it dries so nice. Like a scruffy little surfer. Because driving to the beach everyday is impractical, and bathing in the pool is just weird, I needed something else. Plus, I don’t even want to think of the funk that is the reason those things make his hair cute.
Bumble & Bumble makes a Surf Spray that is supposed to replicate the look, but it’s $20. And for a 5 year old? That’s just nuts.
I found this recipe on Pinterest & I thought I’d give it a try. It’s cheap, yo. I haven’t done the calculations, but she says it’s like 20 cents a bottle. sold.
It gives hair some texture, adds thickness & adds hold while still moving. I love it! As mentioned in the linked recipe, it has a matte finish, so if you have a thing about shiny hair, this is not for you. You can spray it on when your hair is wet or dry, dry it with a hair dryer or let it air dry, use your fingers or a comb, and leave it “clumpy” or brush it out. It really works with what works for you.
Here’s the dude:

Bonus: It looks good on me too! #winning