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Help! Managing Only Child Syndrome.

I need help!  Some severe behavioral issues are rearing their head & I need some ideas.

B is most often a well behaved, polite young man.  People comment all the time on how sweet & considerate he is.  And it’s true.  In a group setting with other children, at school, or with adults, he is great.  We are pretty tough on him when it comes to please & thank you’s, being respectful and not using “bad words” like stupid, hate, sucks & bored.

However, I have recently noticed a glitch in this operation.  When interacting with other only children, in his home environment, he is selfish, mean, and short tempered.  He screams while playing video games meant for teamwork, “calls” first turns or for specific color plates etc, and melts down when the other child doesn’t want to play the same thing he does.

My theory is that when he plays with children with siblings, they are used to compromising so they let him get his way.  Or if he is at school, he knows what is expected of him in order to be considered a “good boy”.  But surrounded by his stuff, with another child that is used to getting their way, everything goes to crap!  Like screaming, crying, kicking, hitting CRAP!

How do you teach a child to share & compromise when there is no one to share or compromise with on a daily basis?  We never intended for him to be an only child….and we’re working on changing it!…so we never put a great amount of thought into preventing those stereotypical behavioral concerns that may come with it.

Does anyone have any experience with this?  Any suggestions?