Camp Mom: Sponge Balls

When I am doing a craft type project I don’t always include B. I usually weigh a few factors like difficulty, potential fun, time needed & learning opportunities.

When I came across this tutorial on Pinterest, I initially thought it would be fun to make these with him as part of our “camp mom” experience. They reminded me of an activity we had at camp….the Greased Watermelon Game. It was a tradition at camp that was just as fun to watch as it was to play (maybe more!). These reminded me of water mayhem in the same way (minus chunks of crisco floating in the pool/lake).

When it came down to it, I tried making a few first before deciding to do them on my own. They weren’t that fun or interesting to make, just repetitive. Don’t get me wrong they weren’t difficult….a perfect mindless activity in front of the TV. The last deciding factor was that there didn’t seem to be any real learning that I could apply. Maybe counting? Or even multiplication? Damn! Now I think of it!

But seriously, I think this one is all about the end result. FUN FUN FUN!!

You need between 2 & 3 sponges for each ball. I heard from someone else that 2 works great, but in an airhead turn of events, I ended up with 96 sponges!! (Basically I purchased a 24-pack on Amazon, not realizing that each pack contained 4 sponges! doh!) I put some sponges aside for some fun painting activities later, and ended up with about 28 balls. It was actually perfect because we have our big family reunion this weekend & I bet they’ll be a hit with the kids & adults alike.

The only change I made was to the string. The only floss I had was the satin finish kind, and it kept slipping out of my fingers. Instead I used these clear elastic hair ties, wrapped twice around each bundle of 12 sponge strips (each sponge get’s cut in half & then in half again, making 4 pieces per sponge). They worked great! I was able to manage the project myself & after a few days of rough play, they are still going strong. Not one broken one in the bunch!

First we tried them out at the beach…way fun!

They got pretty sandy, but a quick rinse in the sink when we got home & they were as good as new.

Next up was the pool. Good times!

These are a great replacement to water balloons. They have the same effect…. They’ll soak you if they are full of water. But you can use them over & over. And the kids loved them!

So go check out this tutorial & let me know if you make them!


3 thoughts on “Camp Mom: Sponge Balls

  1. LoFisch says:

    these are awesome! love that you can make them into any colors that you find sponges made in, too! would be fun to try red/blue theme for the 4th! might even be fun for us kiddie-pool having, city-dwelling grown ups!! xoxo!!

  2. I really want to make these this summer they look so much fun and will be perfect for my toddlers

  3. […] friend Tara, at Tara’s Kitchen Sink posted this in her CampMom series on her blog. (as a side-note, she’s super crafty and creative and I hate […]

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