This Kid: Hunting & Hippies

Today while driving around town with Brayden and his friend, I heard them talking about hunting.

B: I don’t like when people shoot bunnies & ducks during hunting season.

Me: what about the Buck Hunter video game you like? (that I hate)

B: yeah, I don’t like it anymore. It’s mean (my mushy liberal heart goes pitter patter)

Friend: what if you have a gun & there’s a bear & you shoot it?

B: well that’s just for safety. But you could just run away & scream like a girl.

This was said in all seriousness of a 6 year old sharing wisdom with you. Lol.

This kid.

Hippie Day 2012



3 thoughts on “This Kid: Hunting & Hippies

  1. Nichole Erickson says:

    I think Brayden needs his own reality tv show. I would watch for sure. He is entertaining and so cute!

  2. LO says:

    LOVE IT!

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