This Kid and Foodiephile: Worlds collide

The other day I posted on facebook about my kid requesting a party where I could make his friends Vanilla Steamers & scones. The part I left out is that he actually requested a “Beyblades” party serving these items. I left it out because I didn’t want to explain beyblades, and I still don’t (feel free to go to this link). I hate beyblades. The end.
But it brings up something very important about this kid. He is well rounded to say the least. He loves him all the “boy” stuff that Daddy enjoys- football, heck sports in general, a scary obsession with the SDSU Aztecs, running & throwing & wrestling…..etc, etc.
But he also appreciates the finer things in life that Mommy enjoys. Namely food related stuff like tea, scones, pretty food, farm fresh produce, dark chocolate & crostinis of goat cheese & honey.
This morning I told B that I would take him to breakfast. It’s his favorite meal of the day & some of the fun has been taken out of it with his new early morning routine. I was thinking something simple. He was not. He told me that he would like to TAKE ME, to Extraordinary Desserts. Which he referred to as the “tea pot & scone place across the street”.
I’m combining this “This Kid” post with a new category I’m calling “Foodiephile”. It’s about food. duh. So here it goes.
Extraordinary Desserts is this fancy slash amazing restaurant here in San Diego. And we live LITERALLY across the street. Nuts right? We don’t eat there all that much, it’s pretty pricey & always packed in the evenings. But we eat there enough for B to know what it is & that he really likes it. They have other menu items that are amazing, like gourmet grilled cheeses, salads & other stuff. But clearly the desserts are the stars. We usually do them to go.
But B & I also enjoy their weekday Morning Rush Hour special. For $7 you can pick a breakfast pastry (scones/muffins/coffee cakes) and a coffee (single cap/single latte/reg coffee). And they let us substitute tea for B.
They also have a European Breakfast on Sundays, which is served buffet style. Though not buffet like at all. There’s not a chafing dish in sight. They simply lay out pretty displays of food on the bar (which I didn’t snap a picture of- shoot!). I’ve always wanted to go, but I don’t think the husband would be a fan, so I was excited when B suggested it since John wasn’t around today.
It’s not the typical American breakfast. No eggs, or bacon, or sausage or pancakes. And it starts at 11AM! And it was delicious. We took our time. Enjoyed our food & chatted. It was a great time.
First we started with a pot of tea for B. Berry Monsoon. It is the prettiest bright pink color. He loves that he gets his own little pot. And he gets about 3 cups worth. And for mommy, a individual french press of coffee. They also make great espresso drinks, but I took B’s lead on having my own pot to enjoy throughout the meal.

Brayden loves the suger. It’s like rock candy & I let him spoon it into his tea himself (with in reason of course).
Brayden decided against the Euro spread & ordered his usual. The Strawberry Raspberry Scone. Here he is displaying his awesome table manners & sucking on his fingers. We’re working on it.
My first course. House made granola (has bits of dried fruit & pumpkin seeds), with vanilla bean yogurt (with actual vanilla bean specks! love it) & fresh strawberries. YUM.

Second course. Fresh Breads & smoked salmon with various yumminess to play around with. Obviously there are the typical accompaniments, like tomato, onion, cream cheese, cucumbers, & capers. But also, cranberry mayonaise, roasted yellow tomatoes, caramelized onions & pesto.
I love playing around & finding the perfect bite.
Final Course. (Of course you can go back as much as you want, but I was trying to be good.)
A wonderful spread of cheeses, jams, chutneys & desserts. And more fresh & yummy breads.
It was all wonderful & I am looking forward to going again. And my boy might be rubbing off on me. Between eating, snapping pictures & chatting, I was sneaking glances at my fantasy football scores. We’re complex over here, yo.

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