Yesterday I gave B a kiss when leaving him at school. He looked around & wiped it off, giving me a very embarrassed “Mommy!”

UGGGGGHHHH!!! I was not ready for this day to come so soon! My little boy that begs for kisses, laps them up with smiles & giggles when I wake him with millions each morning. I guess we’re in the in between period, where private kisses are welcome, but public ones are not.

I asked him about the incident after school and he said it was embarrassing. I decided to leave it for the moment, as he is strong willed & prone to digging in. Not sure where he get that from. Must be his dad.

Ever thoughtful & concerned about the feelings of others, he brought it up again this morning. He told me kisses at home are great, at school….notsomuch. But he threw me a bone & said that I can give him hugs at school. Ever the compromiser.

Alas, today he ran into the classroom with out so much as a glance over his shoulder….or a damn hug!!!

This kid.


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