This Kid: Cleaning vs. Locking

We have a busy week with family in town & babysitting some friends, so I might not post a whole lot, but thought I’d stop by real quick to share a funny happening around here.

B had a friend over on Sat night & they destroyed his room. On Sunday he & Daddy went to the Padres game with family & then invited them over after. I told B that he should probably pick up his room a bit so his cousins didn’t think he was a piggy.

A few minutes later he came out & said that he just locked his door so they wouldn’t see it. um. yeah. So here we were with kids about to come over, with all kid related fun stuff locked behind a door we don’t have a key for. A genius this one is. geesh!

The poor maintenance guy on call had to come over & open the door for us. We laughed that we are his favorite apartment. I swear these guys are here all the time. I got one to admit one day that they are here more than any other unit. He kindly said that we “really live” in our unit. Unlike our neighbors, who what? Pretend live in their units?

This kid.

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