This Kid: Lessons Learned

I love my friend Kurina. She is pretty. She is funny. And she drops some mad F-bombs.

Another thing I love about her is that she lives an hour away. Now, don’t get me wrong. I would L-O-V-E, LOVE if she was right here near me. Like in my building. On my floor. Then we could hang out all the time & I wouldn’t have to get out of my PJs. Oh. Wait. I’ve driven there in my PJs before. Oh well.

Anyway, my point is that when I make the trek up there I always take the time to do one of 2 productive things. I either listen to an audio book that has been sitting on my iphone way too long, or I make phone calls. If I owe you a phone call (mom), or we have something important to talk about (like plan a camping trip), I will definitely be calling you on my way to K’s.
During my latest trip this week I decided that it was a great time to plan food for our upcoming camping trip with my other lovely lady friend Amy. We were chatting about food and I asked her about what the kids would eat. I commented on Brayden, “I can never count on Brayden.” Meaning, sometimes he’ll scarf down a plate of sushi, other times he swears only mac & cheese or pineapple pizza will do.
When I got off the phone it was silent for a few minutes & then all of the sudden I hear B say, “Mommy, it really hurt my feelings when you said you couldn’t count on me.”
I explained to B the context of the conversation & all was right with the world.

I’m happy that this happened. It was a great opportunity to thank B for speaking his mind. I told him that even though he heard me wrong this time, I want him to always feel that he is able to ask me anything, and that if I do something that hurts him or makes him sad he should always tell me. He should tell everyone when they hurt him.

Also, this was a great lesson for me. His little ears pick up on everything. Even when I assume he’s not listening. He is taking it in. And what I say affects him.

It’s amazing that for everything I teach him, he teaches me even more. I love this kid of mine.


One thought on “This Kid: Lessons Learned

  1. That just tugged at my heartstrings. What a wonderful kid and an amazing mommy.

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