This Kid: How Big is My Love?

For me, one very important reason for this blog is to record & remember the little everyday things that bring me joy in parenting this kid of mine. Man, is he funny. But also, very sweet. You’ll see both here.

In order to make it practical, and to ensure that these things get posted, I will make these simple, quick & straightforward. Sometimes a picture. Sometimes not. Because really, the most important thing is just that it get’s done.

Brayden loves to explain his love for me by comparing it to things that CLEARLY he adores. ie, more than candy, more than cars, more than tv, etc. This is important stuff to a 5 year old.

Today he loves me “More than a STACK of T-Rex’s”. I have no idea how many are in a stack, but I’ll take it.

This kid. Wonderful.


One thought on “This Kid: How Big is My Love?

  1. LoFisch says:

    even a stack of only two t-rex's would be VERY tall. i mean. those things are HUGE. he basically loves you AT LEAST as much as two houses! 😀

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