"You should have a blog"…..Ummmm, yeah. About that.

I hear it all the time. “You should start a blog.” Umm, yeah. I have. I’ve started several. It’s the finishing part that I have a problem with. I lack focus, time, motivation. Excuses? Now those I’m good at.

So here we are again. I’ve resolved to do it. Maybe. We’ll see.

My biggest problem is that I don’t have a “thing”. I have lots of them. Cooking, crafting, parties, my kid, and lots & LOTS of random. So I guess that’s where I’ll start. A little bit of everything. Just my random thoughts, daily activities, interests, whatevs.

Wow. That sounds exciting. I’m sure everyone will be enthralled.

I’m going to write this as if no one is watching. Since that is most likely to be the case, it shouldn’t be so hard.


4 thoughts on “"You should have a blog"…..Ummmm, yeah. About that.

  1. treeyup says:

    cheering you on….

  2. LoFisch says:

    i think that's the way to do it.. striving and desiring and feeling pressure to find a focus has kept me from doing the same. you rock. do it for you cause it's like a super rad life/family journal/scrapbook amazingness all in one.

  3. Lindsay Lou says:

    Obviously it's working because I just became a following-friend-of-a-friend! Keep doing what you're doing! You've inspired me to do my Pinterest challenge and to maybe even start that blog of my own. Kudos kudos!

  4. Earth Mama says:

    Yey! The first non- real life friend comment! Welcome!

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