I tend to get obsessed with “stuff”. Blogs (other peoples, obviously not my own), Pinterest, facebook, kitchen tools.
My latest obsession is the Bodum Bean Ice Coffee Press. I lurves it. It is perfect for warm summer days. But it also makes the BEST coffee around that can be heated when the mood strikes. It’s perfect for people that have a problem with the acidity of coffee. Apparently, cold brewing is the most gental, pure way to make coffee. And I am a believer!
Today I made Vietnamese Iced Coffee. I was inspired by this post. You don’t read PW?!! You’re missing out!
Anyways. I didn’t follow her directions for brewing, but you certainly can. I just brewed using my Bodum and used her instructions for the mixing.
Actually, a true Vietnamese coffee just uses Sweetened Condensed Milk (SCM). Nectar of the God’s, I tell you. But P-dub (as I call her….you know, we’re tight like that), mixed half & half with the SCM. More fat? sold.
You need to stir it well to get the SCM in there real good. I used a jar (formally for holding pasta sauce). Side note: Jars, another obsession. I have a truckload of them. I use them for EVERYTHING. Food Storage, craft storage, toy storage, flower vases….you get the idea.
Fill your jar with ice.

Add Coffee.

Add half & half. (this is real scientific. just use your own tastes as a guide & leave some room at the top of the jar for adjustment)
Don’t cry over spilled milk (or half & half, as it were). It’s hard taking a picture & pouring, yo.

Add SCM.

Shake it up. Don’t be a dumbass like me & start the process without finding the matching lid first. I had to make do & transfer to 2 smaller jars to get the job done. duh.

Enjoy. (another great reason to use a jar. perfect for transport to the beach.)


One thought on “Obsessed

  1. LoFisch says:

    those jars w/ the red ginham lids are totes some of my faves. and as a girl from the very vietnamese friendly hood of east side san jose, i love me some vietnamese coffee. i have been really wanting to make it since i saw that PW post. ❤ you rock socks. YO.

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