Recipe Wednesday: Bruschetta Pasta

Here’s another recipe that’s modified from the TJs cookbook. This one you can probably shop for in the regular supermarket.

This works well for vegiterians, though I would double it if you aren’t going to serve anything else with it. I serve it with grilled sausage (if you have not tried the Sicilian Chicken Sausage at TJs, you are missing out! It’s delish!), a salad & maybe garlic bread.

Not good for: Tomatoe haters. That’s about it!

Bruschetta Pasta
8 oz Linguine (or your favorite pasta)
1 container (14.5 oz) of Bruschetta sauce (in the refigerated section of TJs, near dips & such)
1 container (8 oz) Ciliegine (Small Fresh Mozzarella Balls, in water)
1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese (I actually use Romano)

Cook Pasta al dente, drain. Stir in remaining ingredients & serve. The cheese will soften slightly with the heat of the pasta. YUMMY!!


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